Errant Journal

Errant Journal is a cultural/political publication loosely inspired by Édouard Glissant´s notion of the Poetics of Relation in which he opposes ideas of centres, linearity, roots and dichotomy. Errant, meaning both ‘deviating from an accepted norm’ and ‘wandering’, represents a way of breaking free from the idea of identity based on origin and the possibility to possess a totality of knowledge. It is never the goal to know everything, to see and understand something in its entirety. Instead, a person who is ‘errant’ rejects the universal and challenges the idea that the world is transparent and explainable.

By being a ´journal´ they mimic the academic standard, while their content aims to stretch the limits of how knowledge is ‘officially’ and ‘correctly’ produced. Different Englishes, academic and embodied knowledge, intuition and the poetic all find their place on our pages. Although our background is in art, we do not see art as a special or separate category of human knowledge and production but rather as one of many options to consider our worlds. Their journal therefore plays on the phonetic of an errant journey: a kind of wandering that is neither aimless nor directed at a clear goal or on a well defined path.


  • When Are We?
  • Slow Violence
  • States of Statelessness

WITH LOVE FROM: The Netherlands