Montez Press

Envisaged as the third iteration of the spirit of Lola Montez (Lola, Maria, Mario), Montez Press was formed in 2012. We have since commissioned and published experimental work by artists, writers and thinkers with a focus on queer and intersectional feminist practices through the lens of artists’ writing. We are committed to curiosity, questioning established methods and systems, and engaging in open conversation and dialogue. Our methods are deeply collaborative. We seek to support unexpected creators, including those who may not receive institutional support due to social and economic systemic prejudices. We commit to a rigorous editorial process in our effort to produce work that takes risks and surprises and challenges the reader.


  • Sinkhole: Three Crimes by Rosanna McLaughlin
  • Red Tory: My Corbyn Chemsex Hell by Spitzenprodukte / Huw Lemmey
  • Sirens by Bod Mellor
  • Chubz: The Demonization of My Working Arse by Spitzenprodukte / Huw Lemmey
  • New Mindmapping Forms by Eva Ďurovec
  • Direct Into Chaos by Aleen Solari
  • When I Was Alive by Hannah Regel
  • Pfeil Magazine #16 Friend
  • Pfeil Magazine #15 Bread
  • Pfeil Magazine #14 Nature
  • nicorette LP by Anja Dietmann
  • Interjection Calendar 008
  • Interjection Calendar 007

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