terra firma

Terra Firma magazine is a publication dedicated to the collaboration of artists in the early stages of their careers. Published annually in London, each issue explores a pressing topic with creatives from various disciplines and backgrounds. Since its inception, the project has expanded beyond printed matter, becoming an open space where artists can think, create, and share collaboratively. Responding to the ever-changing world and the significance of fluidity, the magazine takes shape in different formats each year, making its presentation unpredictable and exciting. Terra Firma is about thinking and making ‘with’ from a situated place. Therefore, through an open call, we welcome all art-making mediums to create a final piece that reflects our philosophy. We are currently working on Terra Firma Issue 08 under the topic ‘Issues’ about art and mental health.


  • Issue 03 – An insight into energy and how many forms of it surge through our world
  • Issue 04 – Looking at the mathematical equation and interpreting each section into a variety of visual narratives
  • Issue 07 – This issue is reflecting back on all things terra firma.

WITH LOVE FROM: The United Kingdom