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Cyanotype: experimental analogue photography workshop, with Aindreas Scholz

Time: 1pm-2pm
Sunday 16 July
The Library Project
Duration: 1 hour
Price: €15 per person.
Bookings via Eventbrite

All materials will be provided, please bring a personal selection of dry and/or fresh flowers/plants including petals and leaves.


Have you ever wondered how and when photography really started? Is it true that nothing else existed before the invention of the camera in 1839?

Artists and scientists have been capturing images using cyanotype (commonly known as blueprints) since the 19th century. This workshop will bring you on a 200-year journey through cyanotype’s rich history and introduce you to some of the earliest camera-less photographic printing processes.

Far from being outdated, alternative photographic printing practices are experiencing a significant comeback, both due to their appealing visual qualities and to the fact that they are more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

To be eligible for this workshop you must be 18 or over. No prior knowledge or experience necessary, although an appreciation for Fine Art practices is desirable.

Course Content:

This workshop is for either beginners or intermediate learners who wish to develop their cyanotype skills and develop specific alternative photographic projects with a strong focus on Fine Art (e.g., composition, exposure, and image editing). Participants will be taken through the historical, technical, and creative aspects of this fascinating process including learning

  • about historical and contemporary uses of cyanotype
  • how to safely prepare cyanotype chemistry including alternative methods
  • how to coat and prepare different papers for cyanotype printing
  • how to expose, UV-print, develop, and dry cyanotypes; and
  • how to protect, store and archive cyanotypes.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • understand the relevance of cyanotype processes and practices in contemporary photography
  • use a range of techniques to create original cyanotype prints, and
    understand how to experiment with exposure to UV light, and/or sun light.

About Aindreas Scholz

Aindreas Scholz (b. 1981) grew up in a bilingual home, dividing his time between Ireland and Germany. He studied photography at the Technological University Dublin, followed by a postgraduate study at Goldsmiths College, London, where he deepened his understanding of critical and contemporary art-making theories and practices. Scholz subsequently trained as a teacher at the Institute of Education, University College London, developing specialist subject-specific skills for teaching art and photography to young people.

Scholz’s artmaking focuses on environments affected by human activity, encompassing landscapes transformed by war, pollution, and the climate crisis. He experiments with alternative and sustainable photographic processes, to highlight the need to critically reflect on our daily carbon footprint. Scholz’s work has been exhibited in a range of institutions in Dublin, London, Brussels, Cologne, and Vienna.

Tsundoku Art Book Fair
13-16 July 2023

The Printworks, Dublin Castle,
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Art Book Fair
Dublin, 13—16 July
Art Book Fair
Dublin, 13—16 July
Art Book Fair
Dublin, 13—16 July
Art Book Fair
Dublin, 13—16 July
Art Book Fair
Dublin, 13—16 July
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Art Book Fair

Dublin, 13—16 July 2023