Joanna Hopkins and Mary Conroy

The publication is a result of a collaborative effort between the collective Mary Conroy and Joanna Hopkins. It was created to document the cause and effect of habitat loss and climate change on the Fingal Coastline. Mary Conroy is influenced by both her immediate environment and current events – both personal and environmental. Her experience as a socially engaged artist means that she continually look for a connection with people and place in her work. Her practice investigates humans’ connection with nature through socially engaged practice, including participation and intervention. Dialogue, interaction and knowledge exchange are integral elements to her process and I often collaborate with existing communities of interest to create site specific work. Joanna Hopkins is a multimedia artist who also works site specifically, and this culminates in ephemeral installations. She explores artworks that merge folklore with the human form, and is interested in making abstract, hybrid connections between non human entities and our human selves, as a way to explore the rural & the urban, empathy for our natural environment & to better understand the human condition.


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